Internet over DSL Pricing:

You will need 3 things for a high speed internet connection.

First is the Internet access also known as the Internet Service Provider, in this case Abba Communications.
Second is the DSL circuit. DSL is NOT Internet. We will order this for you.
Third is the DSL modem/router unit.

...Please call for current special pricing options, we have several. Get it while you can!!!

Residential DSL Circuits:

1.5 Megabit DSL circuits are - $25 a month ($30/month if you do not have or want a phone line)
Up to 7 Megabit DSL circuits - $32 a month ($37/month if you do not have or want a phone line)
We also have & support 12, 20, 40 Megabit & FASTER circuits too. Please call or email for more info.

EQUIPMENT: You will also need to get a DSL Modem or a DSL Modem/Router.

A Combination DSL Modem Router *with* Wireless Built-In will cost roughly $39 to $99 based on your needs. We will gladly direct you to the most economical situation for equipment purchase.

Regular Internet Pricing (for any speed above - call for current special options please):

$15 monthly recurring
$40 for 3 months
$75 for 6 months
$120 a year

and.... We have even Faster ways to connect you to the Net!

Please call or email: for more information.

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