High Speed Wireless Internet:

You will need 3 things for a high speed wireless internet connection.

First, we need to know the exact street address so we can check our service database.

Second, if we can service that location, we will do an onsite survey for signal strength.

The third thing would be to finish the info process and get your order placed.

Point to Point Wireless Connectivity:

Standard speeds range in the 1 Megabit (or less) to 100 Megabit wireless circuits. We can even do Gigabit wireless.

...often there are many service and/or setup options that can save big $$$, just ask re: help.

Wireless Pricing: Wireless Internet costs are typically in the $25 to $95 a month range depending on your specific situation and needs.

Please email or call if you need more information.

Please call or email: info@abbacomm.net for more information.

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