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We like to help others and play with awesome high tech systems! Abba Communications is the end result of many years of computer, networking and telecommunications research, experience, and implementation. Read: trial and error with cool high tech toys!

Our collective hearts desire is to serve you and meet your every computer and Internet-working service need, and then some!

Click here ! for a picture of the some of OLDEN DAYS high tech equipment! Notice the many stacks of 10 individual external modems with each modem having 1 data cable, 1 RJ11 phone cord wire, and 1 power cord going to it. That means there were close to 100 wires for every 30 modems. There was a lot of heat and even with air conditioning we needed small fans to blow on the units. 30 external modems used to cost about $5000. The Livingston Portmaster PM2-30 they used to connect to was about $3000 to $5000 then. Now I think you can pick them up for well less than $500.

Click here ! and you can really see all the wires needed in the OLD DAYS to support stacks of older technology analog modems. Cables really were a pain in the back side most of the time. There was a time when all this was perfectly wrapped and then the DIGITAL AGE came along.

Now-A-Days, Abba Communications high tech toys are almost all digital. The old modems from above were analog, and although they worked very well, there were 25 times more wires, and they took up a lot of space and generated a lot of heat.

Click here ! as just three of these boxes hold 150 digital modems with hot standby failovers if a digital modem were to break (which is quite rare). These units are the approximate size of a VCR and it only takes 4 wires for each bank of 50 modems compared to the OLD pictures abovewhere there were close to 100 wires for every 30 modems. Wow huh!!! ....and get this... these units used to cost between $15,000 and $20,000 smackers! Since dialup is older technology, you can buy these units for less than $1,000 today.

Click here ! since I cannot finish this all today, and so you can see some other high tech toys in a rack. Notice the redundant power supplies on these servers. The Cisco border router in this rack has them as well. Everywhere in the network we try to build redundancy to protect from hardware failures and outages. Can you believe that the Cisco 7206 fully loaded with interface cards was between $25,000 and $50,000 brand new ???

Click here ! another rack of toys for a look see...

Click here ! another rack of toys for a look see...

Click here ! another rack of toys for a look see...

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